Monday, March 5, 2007

My Weekend

So we didn't go out this weekend but we did do something that was much more productive.

We went to class/work as usual, came home and got all dressed up...and usually would go to the city to dance, but this time we went to our favorite restaurant. Had a rediculously expensive meal, 6 martinis, nice people, hot waiter....ah the joy.

ORGANIZED THE CLOSET! This was fun becuase we went thorough all the boxes that we moved here and threw away a bunch of things that just didn't seem to be as important as it used to when we lugged it across the country.

Went to Organized Living and bought clear plastic boxes to put all the stuff we DO want to keep back up in the closet in a cleanner more uniform way.

Sunday: Cleaned

It was one of those weekends that after the fact it doesn't look so good on paper, but makes you feel good.

i didn't waste my saturday trying to removed all the alcohol from my system, and we actually got things done.

Anyway, i have a class in 20 minutes...

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